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Personal Mentor & Life Path Guide, author, Life Coach columnist, & Holistic Therapist since 1992. Sahar helps clients uncover their blockages, and get back on track quickly, to live their best life.  She started podcasting in 2004. In 1990, Sahar's life changed dramatically overnight, which sent her on a quest to understand and live her best life. On that journey, Sahar endured the loss of her father, brother, beloved husband and more recently her mother. She learnt about restarting her life, rising like a phoenix from the ashes each time; finding meaning and purpose. Life, can only get better! Please share and review.  l  Sahar's Podcasts on YouTube

Mar 21, 2021

Your name and date of birth affect your well being, work and money.  Have you noticed the same patterns playing out in your life and you don't seem to be getting where you think you want to be? Is stress and frustration manifesting as a physical issue? Do you know what your life purpose is? Or are you simply stuck, at some sort of crossroads, uncertain about which way to go?

My guest on Soul Talk With Sahar, is Angela Jayne Delglyn, a therapist and healer with 26 years’ experience. Being a Highly Sensitive Person has enabled her to attain a deep understanding of how the effects of mind and life affect the physical form. She’s the author of A Novel Approach To Healing, and  “was born with the ability to feel other people’s pain”.

By understanding you and the messages of your body, we draw upon the strategy and clarity that reduce subconscious resistance to a healthier, happier life. This process gives you the keys to a life without separation and shows how the aspects of your life are intertwined, and how they weave through all of your relationships. There is no mystery to this process, only that many parts reside in your subconscious, and that her job is to draw out what your body and soul already know, helping you to make the shift you seek.

We discuss how she a client’s physical body “speaks to her” she can detect its vibration and is drawn to a specific area that needs attention; how the name of a company, or personal name and date of establishment, and date of birth, respectively, can affect how well you do in business and in life. l and if you have enjoyed this, please review, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.