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Personal Mentor & Life Path Guide, author, Life Coach columnist, & Holistic Therapist since 1992. Sahar helps clients uncover their blockages, and get back on track quickly, to live their best life.  She started podcasting in 2004. In 1990, Sahar's life changed dramatically overnight, which sent her on a quest to understand and live her best life. On that journey, Sahar endured the loss of her father, brother, beloved husband and more recently her mother. She learnt about restarting her life, rising like a phoenix from the ashes each time; finding meaning and purpose. Life, can only get better! Please share and review.  l  Sahar's Podcasts on YouTube

Mar 23, 2021

Our voices are at the core of our identity. When we speak, Stewart Pearce explains, we create matter and manifest our ideas through our voices. Stewart Pearce's clients have included Maria Aitkin, Minnie Driver, Kathryn Hunter, Josie Lawrence, Julia Ormond, Vanessa Redgrave, Simon Callow, Jack Davenport, Jerome Flynn and Mark Rylance.

Stewart works with many aspects of the mind and body to connect the personality of voice with the breath of soul. As an Alchemist he enchants, encourages and empowers all that wish, enabling movement towards the Light. He describes his work explaining that  “The vibrations of our voice echo the vibrations of our bodies, and in turn echo the sounds of the natural world. Through resonance we connect with the Universe.

Our voice is a means for revelation. If we become aware that we may harmonise our total being through its power, we may move from negative disenchantment into knowing what is enchanting about our lives."

Understanding how we can release our limitations and, create what we desire in life is what brings joy and freedom. If you have enjoyed this, please review.

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