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Personal Mentor & Life Path Guide, author, Life Coach columnist, & Holistic Therapist since 1992. Sahar helps clients uncover their blockages, and get back on track quickly, to live their best life.  She started podcasting in 2004. In 1990, Sahar's life changed dramatically overnight, which sent her on a quest to understand and live her best life. On that journey, Sahar endured the loss of her father, brother, beloved husband and more recently her mother. She learnt about restarting her life, rising like a phoenix from the ashes each time; finding meaning and purpose. Life, can only get better! Please share and review.  l  Sahar's Podcasts on YouTube

May 27, 2021

This is a debut novel by young writer Stephanie Clare Brookes. Stephanie tells the story of a young woman who decides to take control of her life, even if it means failure. Her book is about empowering you to achieve your life goals and to enjoy life to the full, just as you always dreamt it would be.

We often live our lives because the people around us tell us how to live it. We have dreams and abilities but succumb to the drudgery of jobs that we hate. Sometimes, perhaps all of the time, we are inwardly frightened of becoming what we really want to be. Often, all we need is someone who believes in us, to encourage us even when we fall. Someone who helps us to get up again and never, ever stops believing in us. A smile that never fades and always shines when they look and talk to us. This book is about choices. The choices that we all have in life. Individual choice is one of the most important spiritual laws.

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