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Personal Mentor & Life Path Guide, author, Life Coach columnist, & Holistic Therapist since 1992. Sahar helps clients uncover their blockages, and get back on track quickly, to live their best life.  She started podcasting in 2004. In 1990, Sahar's life changed dramatically overnight, which sent her on a quest to understand and live her best life. On that journey, Sahar endured the loss of her father, brother, beloved husband and more recently her mother. She learnt about restarting her life, rising like a phoenix from the ashes each time; finding meaning and purpose. Life, can only get better! Please share and review.  l  Sahar's Podcasts on YouTube

Mar 24, 2021

Sahar discusses with Stewart Pearce, the power of Voice: Sound over Matter, how sound can destroy inanimate matter such as brain tumours. I hope that you will enjoy this fascinating interview.

Understanding how we can release our limitations and, create what we desire in life is what brings joy and freedom. If you...

Mar 22, 2021

We are delighted to bring you this interview with Stewart Pearce - Master of Voice. Stewart is a consultant to the international corporate market as a Master of Presentation, his clients have included: L`Oreal, BT, ITN World News, McKinsey & Co, Merrill Lynch, WPP Programmes and the LONDON 2012 Olympic bid. In 1998...