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Personal Mentor & Life Path Guide, author, Life Coach columnist, & Holistic Therapist since 1992. Sahar helps clients uncover their blockages, and get back on track quickly, to live their best life.  She started podcasting in 2004. In 1990, Sahar's life changed dramatically overnight, which sent her on a quest to understand and live her best life. On that journey, Sahar endured the loss of her father, brother, beloved husband and more recently her mother. She learnt about restarting her life, rising like a phoenix from the ashes each time; finding meaning and purpose. Life, can only get better! Please share and review.  l  Sahar's Podcasts on YouTube

Mar 26, 2021

Life mostly makes sense - in hindsight! This is how my life journey unfolded, one thing lead to another until I realised I had uncovered my life purpose feeling fulfilled. I am sharing this with you to help you see if your life journey makes sense to you, and how each trauma or adverse situation is sometimes necessary...

Mar 25, 2021

We discuss voice, angels, Atlantis, Princess Diana of Wales. Stewart Pearce is Facilitates Voice & Presentation Coaching, Sound Healing & Soul Readings he is also an angelic facilitator, a seer, and an internationally renowned voice coach who has held positions at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Drama Centre of...

May 11, 2019

I discuss with my host, founder of Bridges of Light, Gaetano Vivo; the soul journey, and how we can develop a deeper understanding of our life on earth. I also answers questions form the audience about procrastinating

Gaetano is a Reiki Master. I am a mentor and guide.

Higher awareness, from a higher perspective, gives...