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Soul Talk with Sahar

Soul Talk with Personal Mentor & Guide Sahar Huneidi-Palmer. I am Personal Mentor, author, columnist, Holistic Therapist, Life Path Guidance & Coach since 1992; helping my clients discover their life path & purpose. My menoring modality is my own:Ketheric Well-Being bringing into balance Body, Emotions, Mind and Actions (BEMA).

My guests are people who, like me, have developed their own understanding of the soul's journey through their respective therapeutic modality to which they were called to.

Getting to know yourself as a vibratinal being, is like a entering a maze - each entry point will give you a different view. Each helps to develope a holistic perspective of who you are a soul, as vibrational being to help you cope and become deeply aware how your daily lives can be shaped to yield more joy. Let me know your suggestions, please subscribe and leave a comment.  l  Soul Talk YouTube


May 11, 2019

Live Broadcast on Bridges Of Light - Ponti Di Luce; with host Gaetano Vivo. We dicuss the meaning of the launch date of Bridges of Light, what the numbers mean as a vibrations. I then explain what the soul numbers are, or the life path number of the person from their date of birth. Numerology is a template that can...

May 11, 2019

I discuss with my host, founder of Bridges of Light, Gaetano Vivo; the soul journey, and how we can develope a deeper understanding of our life on earth. I also answers questions form the audience about procrastinatin, how to move forwrad and how to find your passion in life.

Gaetano is a Reiki Master, I am a mentor and...