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Soul Talk with Sahar

Soul Talk with Personal Mentor & Guide Sahar Huneidi-Palmer.

Sahar has been in the self help field for more than 25 years, helping clients achieve balance and harmony in their life. Her method is her own, Ketheric Well-Being bringing into balance Body, Emotions, Mind and Actions (BEMA).

My guests are Light Workers who have crossed my path. People who, like me, have developed their own understanding of the soul's journey through their respective healing modality to which they were called to.

I hope to put across to viewers the idea that developing a soul perspective, is like a entering a maze - each entry point will give you a different view. Each help develop a holistic perspective of our life from the Soul point of view to help us cope and become deeply aware how our daily lives can be shaped and created to give us more joy. Let me know your suggestions, please subscribe and leave a comment.  l  Soul Talk YouTube


Oct 29, 2014

The Evil That is Sugar- US naturopath, karen Clickner, gives holistic insights into how sugar intake affect well-being of the physical body and the symptoms it manifests. She talks about hidden sugar as we unknowling get 50x the amount we need.


Oct 29, 2014

US naturopath, karen Clickner, gives holistic insights into how to maintain well-being through diet and body cleansing to bring back the body into a balanced state. She also talks about how diet and life-style affect health state and cuase changes in the physical body and what to do abou...

Oct 28, 2014

In this podcast with US Naturopath, Karen Clickner, we discuss the dis-ease process of cancer particularly of colon, prostate and breast cancer, and how natural naturopathic treatments can help.

Her website is,...

Oct 28, 2014

Podcast interview with USA Naturopath Karen Klickner about the process of disease and wellness. Karen cured herself of cancer using naturopathy, and since then became a naturopath.

If we do not understand the proces of illness, then we would struggle with it. Karen points out what the process is: 1. The need to change...